Double Wedding Ring Quilts – Get Away With Scrappy

Scrappy Double Wedding Ring Quilts For Extra Special Memories

Ok, double wedding ring quilts are time consuming and do take a lot of time with arcs and lots of stitching. It looks complicated and that’s why quilters back away, not because of the time it needs. Master the double wedding ring quilt, and the fun you can have quilting with the prettiest templates. Put hearts right in the middle of the block. There’s so much more to just the arcs and melons. Imagine that as a table runner!

double wedding ring quilts quilting templates

wedding quilts

Better yet, you can achieve the loveliest quilt using scraps. If a double wedding ring quilt is to be an heirloom. or keepsake,what better than to use scraps of your stash that have special memories. Besides at this point, if this is your first double wedding ring quilt pattern, you will make an effort to get it right simply because those scraps are really special! The arcs are a little tricky to put together and there are several different techniques. The benefit of cutting the arcs using templates is that you get to cut even up to 12 layers of fabric at one time.

Why not play around with a few scraps to do the first block. Download the free double wedding ring pattern below. There is a second download for free templates. Bearing in mind if you print out the templates they’ll be paper so they are not as sturdy as the laminate templates. Therefore you would most likely cut only one or two layers of fabric per arc to begin with. No problem. If you’re just trying it out, have some fun, and make a double wedding ring quilt block.

This video gave me the idea that you could get away with a scrappy double wedding ring quilt. The rest is up to you.

This is still the best template buy. I often see it up to $10 less than the others. See it here.

double wedding ring quilts template set

This is a great follow up video showing you how to piece the arc, complete the melon and attach it to the background. (I love that see through insert that fits into one of those Traceys tables). Anyway, moving on…

Why not go through this video that shows you how to bind double wedding ring quilts. Although the pattern download has a straight line binding using a print… very pretty… , the video shows how to bind the curved edge of a double wedding ring quilt. Sorry about the ads on these videos, just ignore them. The rest is great.

Imgs:Nancy Ferguson and McCalls Quilting

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