12 Ways To Cut Up Fat Quarters For Quilting

The Best Ways To Use A Favorite FQ.

You can easily cut fat quarters into some of the most used sizes, and pre cuts, with minimal or even no waste at all. When using layer cakes and charm packs, this method provides extra’s to add, or to combine with left over precuts. No need to work it all out. Here is a great method to cut up a favorite and get maximum use from your fabric!



When a pattern is pre cut friendly, cut a fat quarter into 2 layer cakes, (10 inch squares), and 4 charms, (5 inch squares), which leaves 2 /12″ x 15″, a useful piece to add to the jelly strips basket. If wanting more charms, simply the 10 inch squares into four. In total you will have 12 x 5″ squares!

how to cut a fat quarter to charm squares

If you don’t have enough yardage for a particular size square for a quilt pattern, shop your stash for a fat quarter. Glance through the guide to see which way to cut it up to render the most squares in the size required.

method to cut a fat quarter without fabric waste

More ‘cutting fat quarter charts’ are laid out to cut up a fat quarter into identical squares from 2″ to 6-1/2″. Some size squares leave extra strips you can use for scrap projects. This one is handy, put together in a sweet nine patch by Shadywood Quilts, showing how many squares per fat quarter.

how many squares from a fat quarter

Shadywood Quilts
Try the method figured out by New Quilters. In their free tutorial you’ll find details about a fat quarter and how it compares. Cutting from yardage which a long, skinny cut, is great if you want to quilt with fabric strips, but not so great for cutting other shapes like larger squares or triangles. There are a further 10 charts for cutting each size square. You will also have some extra strips you can use to sew string quilts or other types of scrap quilts.



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