The Entire Skill Of Machine Quilting Using A Walking Foot

Pat Sloans Machine Quilting Using A Walking Foot.

Give this technique a try to do your own machine quilting. If your sewing machine came with a walking foot, you have an awesome option to use a walking-foot you already have! The idea is to start simple and try a couple of small projects. Quilting with a walking foot is the first step towards building your machine-quilting skills. You may have given up doing your own quilting. The reason for awful results might be simply using the wrong presser foot.




It’s awesome to complete your project yourself by finishing with the quilting just the way you want it and without having to send it out. Most sewing machines come with an even-feed presser foot called a walking foot. Some machines even have a feed system that feeds evenly which you may not have discovered yet.

Pat Sloan Machine Quilting with a walking foot

A walking foot glides over a thick quilt sandwich, feeding evenly through your machine so you don’t create puckers and pleats as you quilt the top, batting, and backing layers together. Once introduced to the walking foot, you will love the effects you get from straight lines as well as decorative stitches.

walking foot machine quilting

It’s exciting to add texture and interest to your quilt. Using a regular presser foot you would have noticed that the top fabric bunches and pulls, enough to put you off forever. It’s soul destroying to see a beautiful quilt project… colors match, design great… and the whole thing becomes a mess because of the puckering. It’s a total turn about once you put on the walking foot.

Walking Foot Available Here. Fits most domestic sewing machines.

Babylock Walking Foot Available Here.

Watch how easily Pat does her machine quilting using the walking foot, a mini tutorial and introduction to machine quilting.

Pat Sloans book, “Pat Sloans Teach Me To Machine Quilt” covers learning the basics of walking foot, and free motion quilting. Published way back in 2016, it’s still sort after today, the book covers all of the skills of machine quilting. Beginner quilters can confidently be quilting in no time, and experienced sewers could gain enough from the tips and tricks to finish their quilts at home.



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