How To Make A Bargello Quilt Fire And Ice

How To Make a Bargello Quilt.

With a name like Fire And Ice, you just know this quilt is going to be absolutely spectacular. The beautiful Bargello looks complicated, however after watching how the strips are sewn together, numbered and then placed on the design wall, (or your kitchen floor!), you might find it easier than you first thought.


Colleen from Fons & Porter describes this quilt best when she calls it, “a striking curve of color.” If you have never attempted this quilt before it may seem a bit intimidating but we know that if you’re up for the challenge, then you will end up with a beautiful quilt. The technique is much the same for most Bargello quilts.

Watch Colleens video quilt tutorial, it’s exciting to see the design unfold. To make your own Fire and Ice follow the steps using numbering for each strip.

The Fire and Ice quilt pattern is available for purchase here.

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