The Most Captivating Bargello Heart Quilt Ever

Striking Honeymoon Bargello Heart Quilt To Fall In Love With.

If you have a passion for Bargello’s this stunning Honeymoon Heart Bargello is a must. Made in 17 shades of purple,  perhaps your purple batiks in your stash should come out of the basket. A heart with gradient shading Bargello style, sends a message of infinite love and deep sincerity.


If you’ve been thinking of trying a Bargello heart, you may have searched quite a few. This may be the Bargello heart you’ve been looking for. The beauty of a bargello is the gradient color that comes into play that may seem challenging, but is actually easier than you think.

Bargello Heart quilt Renata Green

The easiest way to place strips to form a bargello is to work on a design wall (or even on the floor!). You can lose yourself in the artistry it is such fun. You will quickly see the bargello wave or shape come into play. Renata Greene decided to try one for herself and came up with this striking design. There are 17 purples and 10 reds in the bargello part, and Renata added another 5 purples for the border and back.

Light strips lay against deep reds that background the top of the heart. Dark blues create depth in the heart with dark purples cascading down to shades of red.

Rich purple tones from dark to light radiate through this Bargello. However, if purple is not your favorite, choose your color to start with and add 17 tones of that color.Then bring in the complimentary tone as the second color. Create the bargello adding colors that gradually flow one into the next.

A beautiful wall quilt that will surely become a feature in the room. This quilt would make a stunning backdrop at a wedding table, and the perfect wedding gift.

Make your own Bargello heart quilt from the ‘Bargello Hearts’ book by Nancy Podolsky that contains the layout plan. Suitable for beginning or advanced quilters, this book illustrates Bargello cutting and sewing techniques and provides detailed instructions and yardage requirements for seven quilt sizes. Available for purchase here.

Renata’s Bargello, the pattern for the purple heart, is available for purchase by email directly from Renata Greene at

The Bargello may be easier than you think. Watch this video on How To Make A Bargello Quilt.

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