Placemats And HotPlates – Even Old Floursack Dishtowels For Napkins Look Amazing

Placemats And Hotplates And Giant Dresdens Bring You In To A Different World.

It’s the beautiful Aqua color of the Dresden centers that’s so appealing. Dresdens give you cheeky placemats and hotplates with side pockets for utensils, and even matching napkin rings from the same fabric. The quilt is made with giant dresden plates.

The finished size of the quilt is 72″ square, and each giant Dresden is machine appliqued onto a 36″ squared background. Imagine just one giant Dresden on a 36″ background as an adorable table topper.
dresden plate wall quilt aqua blue

Besides the pattern covering almost anything your creativity could turn to, it makes it super easy to make using the Thimble rulers and 10″ squares. Use  10″ squares  from diferent fabric prints and colors for the quilt,the smaller dresdens are made with 5″ squares and the small Thimble Ruler. Get The Thimble Ruler Here.
Thimble Ruler placemats and hotplatesUse this ruler to makes stacks of giant burting Dresden plates. Nine of these sizeded Dresden platesare sufficient to make a kingsize quilt.

Using the circle rulers can’t get any easier for making the smaller Dresden centers. Get The Circle Ruler Here
circle ruler to make Dresdens for placemats and hotplatesThe magic tools to bring your dresdens to life! Georgous!
placemat and hotplates pattern blue dresden plate

These Dresden plates just bring welcome to these placemats and hotplates.
For the placemats all you need are 4 fat quarters for the tops. Place pockets on the side for utensils.
placemats and hotplates quilt patternMake the matching napkin holders.
napkin rings matching placemats and hotplatesWe use old floursack dishcloths as napkins too. Look at this great idea. Matching the napkin holders to the set of placemats and hotplates just bring these treasured vintage foursack dishcloths to life.
make napkin holders for old floursack dishclothsThe napkin holders match the placemats beautifully, and the vintage floursack napkin just adds that extra special!
dresden plates red placemats and hotplatesNow there would be somthing missing if you didn’t bring the matching hotplate to the table!
dresden plates matching placemats and hotplates
quilt pattern for matching placemats and hotplates and napkin holders
placemats and hotplates floral pattern

placemats and hotplates kitchen quilt fabric

Get the pattern at this Etsy shop.
napkin holders fabric matching placemats and hotplates
placemats pattern table layout
placemats and hotplates vintage floursack napkins
placemats and hotplates strawberry fabric
placemats and hotplates dresden pattern red blue
Definitely one of my favorites for placemats and hotplates!

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