French Braid Quilt Pattern Using Less Fabric For Each Braid

Use Fewer Braids Or Less Fabric In This French Braid Quilt Pattern To Size.

The quilt size in this French braid quilt pattern measures 78″ by 114″. But have you ever thought of how to change the size of the quilt but still using the same pattern. It is quite easy to change the measurements by using fewer fabrics in each braid or by using fewer braids. If you’re like me, I wouldn’t know where to start as far as calculating sizes versus fabric braids. Look at the beautiful fabric co-ordinate for this french braid quilt. Since you can take advantage of 2 1/2 inch wide strips,a jelly roll stash would come in really well here. Plus you only need small bits of fabric for the braid endings. Perfect for using up scraps. The braid pattern can be adapted to any project. I think it would really compliment a table runner.

So this is how it works. There is no set size for the strips, except to perhaps use 2 1/2″ width being a common jelly roll width, and 9 1/2″ length so you get very little waste fabric. Once you have the strips cut, cut out the starting triangles.
french braid quilt pattern starting triangle

These triangles are where the braid is assembled around.
french braid quilt using jelly roll strips
There is an added dimension to this clever french braid quilt. It’s the ending triangles for the french braids. These are made by cutting 7.3/4″ squares of the accent fabric in half and sewing one triangle to each side of the top of the braid.
ending triangles for a french braid quilt

Then square up the sides. In this case a 6″ wide which proved to be perfect for this french braid quilt. Stitch the lengths together to make up the french braid quilt.

If you want the quilt larger simply make more braids. Or use larger strips of fabric. It makes more sense now. This french braid quilt video really adds to the details.

Images:Youtube:Rose Smith

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