Get More Form This Double Dresden Delight

Double Dresden Delight Looks Like Beautiful Spinning Flowers.

Dresdens always get attention. If you love Dresden Plates you’re about to fall in love all over again with the Double Dresden. It’s still the traditional look, only spiced up. The secret about the Double Dresden Delight is that you make the points on the inside as well as the outside. It’s looks quite unique. Can such a small change make all the difference. Yes, it does. When you look at this Dresden Quilt, it looks like it’s moving. It’s so pretty to in all of those sunset orange and amber colors. The quilting on this one is just lovely!

double dresden plate quilt

The Dresdens are so beautifully positioned. They look like they’re tumbling off the quilt and you have to catch them. They really have a personality about them. Happy Dresdens they are. It’s just beautiful. That size quilt is very easy to manage, leaving you time to spend on making the Dresden plate. I would even copy the colors since the balance is just right with the white back ground.

Polka dots work very well with a Dresden plate. The polka dots bring freshness to the ring. Imagine this dresden without the Polka dots. See what I mean?

For the fabric requirement you will need  6 – 9 fat quarters. The fabric used in this quilt is from the Amanda Murphy’s  collection. Just choose your mix of fabrics, and perhaps you have something in your stash to add. Or make the entire project using stash.

You will also need 1 1/4 yards of a solid white or other neutral color and of course an EZ Dresden Ruler.

Overview of this pattern.
Start by cutting strips from the fat quarters.  Now you will notice that each of the “flowers” are different sizes. That’s because each Dresden plate set is cut a little different. Can you imagine that. Crafty. That’s why there is so much energy from these Dresdens!

You need 20 dresden plates for a full circle, 10 for a half, and 5 for a quarter.  You always want to sew your plates in groups of 5.
double dresden blades
Here is a close up of the quilting done with different colors of thread to tie in with the colors of the Dresden blades. Very effective on the white.
quilting a dresden quilt with different thread colors

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