Purse String Quilt Block An Interesting Pattern 15 Inch Block!

Purse String Quilt Block Easy To Piece And Makes A Big Impact

A little bit sweet and a little bit tart with shades of pink and orange together, this quilt is called Grapefruit Fizz!
The purse strings quilt block creates such an interesting pattern. The Polka dot backing is just perfect. It goes with the mood.

One of the fabrics already in the quilt, called Boho Stripe from the Wrenly fabric collection was used for the binding. The purse strings block is truly a completely original block design. The beauty of these blocks happens when they’re all put together, as they create a figure eight shape which kind of just happens.

purse strings quilt block pattern

Polka dot fabric for the backing…

purse strings quilt block

Quilt block comes together to form a figure eight.

quilt block form a figure eight


quilt block free quilt pattern

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