5 Scrappy Christmas Stockings Ready At The Mantle

Delightful Christmas Stockings For Every Member Of The Family.

Christmas stockings in our family are used over and over every year. The kids, now grown, won’t give theirs up. The stockings have so many warm memories of Christmas’s gone by. Making your family’s quilted Christmas stockings to hang up on the mantle all in a row will be a treasured memory for years to come. These stockings are extra special with each mini quilt block a different design, from pinwheel blocks to chevrons. Mixed with white solids create a crisp white background showcasing the blocks, and a coordinated cuff ties the design in beautifully.

While tradional red and green mixed with holiday prints are used for Christmas projects, make up your own combinations to go with the rest of your homes Christmas decor, for a picture perfect Christmas eve!



And for something a little different to add to the collection, this hourglass block has created a beautiful result. Allison Harris of Click Cluck Sew used her double hourglass block, simply changed the size of the template and added two strips to each block creating a really appealing design for the stocking.


Since you’re visiting Cluck Cluck Sew for the hourglass stocking tutorial, why not use Allison’s delightful free tutorial  to make up the delicious hourglass throw quilt for the season. Use holiday fabric and make the perfect holiday quilt as a throw in the lounge.



I put the two Christmas stocking patterns together (below) to provide 6 different designs in total. One for each family member, especially if there are up to six in the family. Or if you’re only looking for only one or two stockings, why not use the free pattern tutorial and make the hourglass stockings in different colors and prints. If needing more than two, simply differentiate with different color cuffs.



If you’re also in love with the “Scrappy Stocking” pattern which are all five in a row, each with a totally different block design, the scrappy stocking pattern is available for purchase.


And if you’re totally in love with the set of stockings with five different blocks, the pattern is available for purchase from the link in the green box below.