“Partridge In A Pear Tree” Christmas Wall Hanging

Delightful Christmas Wall Hanging Hang A Pear Every Day Till Christmas.

This Christmas wall hanging is not only a delight to look at. It’s even more fun than an advent calender! The wall quilt is designed as the traditional Christmas “Partridge in a Pear Tree”. But there’s more than meets the eye. To begin with, the wall hanging consists of the pear tree with snow a top of it! The partridge is amongst the plushest of pears. There is patchwork down the sides. There’s a good reason for all of the details in this quilt.


You get to countdown the days to Christmas. The patchwork border either side are pockets! Starting 14th December take a pear from one of the pockets and hang it on the tree each day. On Christmas eve or morning, hang up the partridge! Isn’t that delightful! Each family member can hang a pear, and you will have to decide who gets to put up the partridge.


What a great little project and one of the nicest Christmas wall hangings to make. The buttons add a little glisten to the snowflakes. The pears are so quaint along with my favorite, the partridge. Birds are always nice in quilting projects.


Make a few extra pears and thow them into a basket for display. It needn’t only be for Christmas. Make a bird or two and use for any other project. Use holiday fabric and make one or two birds to hang on the tree, adding something new to your collection of Christmas quilted ornaments.

This delightful pattern is available for purchase. Click the link provided in the green box to purchase the wall hanging pattern.