Botanic Garden Fabric For The Perfect Garden Outside Your Window

Botanic Garden Wall Quilt For A Beautiful Spring Day

The beauty of a wall quilt are the choice of patterns to bring out the best in fabric. Or is it the other way round? It’s a great idea to use a fabric with the a garden scene and place it strategically to be the theme of the quilt, like a botanic garden.

How beautiful a botanic garden in a fabric print. Use it for your wall quilt and have a botanical right outside your window. The main scene of this wall quilt is the botanica l garden. The borders are floral compliment the center stage, bringing the vibrancy of the flower to their full potential. So much so, they are almost 3D.

Simply use the botanical garden fabric and match the borders such as this one. The corner blocks are made using a simple paper piecing pattern. easy to make on a weekend even for a beginner.


botanic garden timeless treasures wall quilt pattern


Botanic Garden fabric Panel

botanic garden timeless treasures garden outside your window


The first border… Flowery Sky Timeless Treasures

Botanic Garden Flowery Sky C2763


The outer border Botanic Pink Dogwoods Timeless Treasures

Botanic Garden Pink Dogwoods

Fabrics are available on Amazon
Botanical Garden fabric Panel
Botanical Garden Flowery Sky
Botanical Garden Pink Dogwoods

The Botanical Garden Wall Quilt is available for purchase.

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