Lil Twister Pinwheel Quilt In A Sea Of Lime, Blue And Purple

Lil Twister Pinwheel Quilt With Fabric Stash Colors Of The Sea.

If you would like to make this twister quilt, consider using the Lil Twister quilt template. Then, you’ll need some fabric stash in blues, greens and purples. Follow this pattern tutorial and get a mesmerizing twister quilt! If you’re not familiar with the “lil’ twister”, it goes something like this. First, sew your blocks together patchwork style, along with the border. Align the twister tool with the seams at the corner. Cut around the twister tool. Repeat for each corner seam. Set the newly cut pieces in the same order as was cut, slightly turning them to the right, so all edges are square. Sew them back together, patchwork style.

To be honest it’s taken a while to get my head around how the twister tool makes the blocks go together. That’s why I added a video below. It’s shows the exact cutting technique used to get the twister blocks. From there you could work out almost any pattern using the twister pinwheel design. I’ve found stacks of pattern ideas that you can make using this Lil Twister Template. I’ve even found a really nice American Flag wall quilt made using this twister template.


Here’s how it works. Sew the blocks together…

To use the Lil Twister Pinwheel Quilt make blocksAlign the twister tool with the seams at the corner.
Lil Twister Pinwheel quilt template 5 inchCut around the twister tool.
how to use lil twister pinwheel quilt template
Set the newly cut pieces in the same order as was cut, slightly turning them to the right, so all edges are square.
lil twister quilt template assemble blocksStitch the blocks together… Here you can see the wonky twister pinwheel block.
sew the lil twister blocks together to form pinwheels
Here’s how the lil twister quilt pattern started to come together. This one was particularly difficult to cut out since each block was cut out right at the twister square border and assembled and stitched together to form a pattern unity.
lil twister quilt pattern
lil twister quilt

The backing instructions are not covered in the tutorial. I found the instructions in the comments box, and gathered them here for you.

The inner border was cut at 3 1/2″ wide, and the outer border was cut at 5 1/2″ wide. The checkerboard was just the scraps from cutting out the twisted blocks. Cut each square 2 1/4″ wide.

For the backing, measure the width of the quilt and cut strips about 12″ longer. This one was quilted on a home machine.

Moving on… Just look at the amazing patterns you can make with this lil twister tool!

Make a Tote using the twister tool.
lil twister quilt tote pattern
Here’s the American Flag Wall quilt with the twister pinwheel.
American Flag lil twister pattern

Some kitchen quilts… make table toppers…
lil twister table runner kitchen quilt
A twister pinwheel table runner…
lil twister christmas table runner pattern
Christmas Stockings pinwheels using a twister pattern…
lil twister pinwheel christmas stocking
A Christmas tree pattern…
lil twister christmas tree quilt patternA cutie Snowman…
lil twister snowman twist patternA Bunny wall quilt…
lil twister bunny wall quilt

Look at this beautiful Twisted Wreath Pattern using the Lil Twister tool….
twisted wreath pattern using lil twister tooland this one shown in the video…
wreath lil twister tool

The video will show you exactly how to use the lil twister tool. You might like to try the Lil Twister tool so I’ve put some purchase links below the video.

If you would like to get the Lil Twister Tool it’s available from Amazon.
Click Here To Purchase The 5 Inch

lil twister quilting template tool 5There is also a 10 Inch Template
Click Here To Purchase The 10 Inch Twister Template

And if you would like any of the twister tool patterns you’ll find them all here.

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