Ghost Mug Rugs To Make Before Midnight

Quick Ghost Mug Rugs For A Little Scary Fun.

Too add a bit of fun to the Halloween holiday, some ghosts are in order. Make a few for neighbours, hang them in a banner, or table decoration. If you’re wanting to fit in one more project before the festivities begin, three ghoulish ghost mug rugs can be made up in an hour by sewing up a larger piece of fabric which will make 3 ghosts at one time!  Use scrap fabric or strips.


They’re easy to make using the templates provided in the free pattern, and you can try a few quick quilt techniques out because of the small scale project. To get started find fabric strips with white background fabric and a little black print, white on white, and a few black scraps for the eyes and mouth.

ghost mug rugs quilt as you go pattern

To make all three ghosts, sew strips using quilt as you go together with batting and backing. Use templates to draw the outline shape of the ghost and stitch along the line. Cut out using pinking shears, and fuse the eyes and mouth using Heat ‘n Bond. Have a scary time.


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