Hexagon Trivet To Display Your Favorite Fussy Cut

Make Fun Trivets With Bits Of Fabric.

I just love how these trivets provide the perfect display for your favorite piece right in the middle. This sweet hexagon can be used as a pot holder, or a quaint mug rug. A bag of fabric scraps are all you need to frame the fussy cut center.


The design can easily be changed by using a lesser amount of surrounding triangle pieces, allowing for a larger hexagonal center piece, which can also be made smaller by using more triangles.This chef by Debbie Grosskopfis is just delightful.

hexagon trivet cute chef kitchen fabric


Feature a quaint bird, like this one by Patchwork’n’Play. Choose the center as the theme to start with, then mix and match colors from fabric scraps and build up the surround. A sweet bird brings a warm welcoming feeling into your home. These trivets can be made for the most delightful gifts. Even kids love them!

hexagon trivet with sweet bird


Using the same fabric for the triangles create a ‘swirly’ effect. Make this delightful ‘Birdie Swirl’, and piece the center hexagon with a bird.  Made by Sandy Beunos Aires.

hexagon hot pad with a cute robin

Create splashes of color with your fabric scraps. There’s a myriad of combinations to put together. Use a flower for the center, a lovely way to put a rose garden on display. Made by SoTak Handmade.

hexagon trivet floral fabric center

fabric ideas for the back of a hexagon trivet


Use fruit fabrics showcase a mason jar with homemade bottled berries. Anne Matlak. If a gift for food lovers, put a pie in the center. Made by Golfing Bev .

hexagon pot holder fruit fabric


kitchen hexagon hot pad trivet


Make a ‘Latte’ trivet to put under a hot pot off coffee. A great house warming gift for newly weds.
Made by Sew Me Something Good.

hexagon trivet for a coffee bar


A food mixer and polka dot binding brightens any kitchen, by Kelly over at Pinkadot Quilts.

Potholder hexagon


These delightful trivets were made using the Zakka projects from Ayumi Takahashi book ‘Patchwork Please’. The book contains 19 playful and practical patchwork projects for the home. The patterns offer vintage style projects for the kitchen, home, family and friends. Ayumis ‘Patchwork Please’ book is available for purchase.