Organizer Basket For Your Sewing Accessories Or A Cutlery Tray

A Fun And Also Pretty Way To Organize Draws and Sewing Accessories With This Organizer Basket.

It’s a good time of year to get organized, especially in the sewing room. Why not make a couple fo these dandy organizer baskets. Use any fabric from fun prints to decor matching. There’s nothing nicer than opening a drawer and evrything is grouped for an easy find. It also makes for easy tidy up since there is a great place to put it all. The organizers display everything so well, that it takes the ‘task’ out of looking for stuff.

These little basket trays can be used for all sorts of stuff around the house. Starting with the sewing room, they make the most fabulous little trays for Cottons, and look great even if left out on a dresser ot table top. They’re so inviting that they add interest tothe sewing room. Some brightly colored fabric scraps are all that’s needed.To make one basket, you’ll need two 13″ x 7″ cotton rectangles, (one for exterior, one for interior) and one piece of cotton batting that is just a little larger than 13″ x 7″.

rectangle fabric basket organizer



Make a stack of these for all over the house. There are two styles for the baskets. Make with a softer edge, or if you top stitch the four corners, the basket will have more of a square edge. Perfect for pens and pencils, and would make a nice change on the phone table.


fabric trays for stationery

Then of course, a perfect cutlery organizer, and even displays beautifully on the dinner table when having a buffet style casual dinner with family and friends.

fabric basket organizer for cutlery

They’re so easy to make that in no time you’ll have all the baskets you need for the prefect tidy up at home, and in the sewing room. Then why not make a couple for a friend who need a subtle but warm hearted hint to tidy their sewing room. I guarantee it will give any sewers spirit a lift, and great encouragement to get in order for the new year. If making for a friend, choose their favorite fabric for the organizer, drop a couple treats in, and it’s all smiles for the next sewing project!

fabric organizer for sewing accessories

Have fun making these cute little fabric tray organizers! The tutorial from Ayumi of  Pink Penguin is so easy to follow and once you’ve made your first one, it just gets easier.