Maple Leaf Mug Rug Rustle Up Some Autumn Leaves

The Prettiest Maple Leaf Mug Rug To Remind You Of Autumn

Autumn has to be the prettiest season of the year and what better than to celebrate autumn with a heart warming Maple leaf mug rug. While having a practical use, they’re so pretty just to have lying around… almost like a couple of miniature table toppers.

Arrange two or three together in a picture frame. The quilted maple leaves would look really pretty on the wall. The maple leaf mug rug is small so if you have enough in your scraps to make a set of four… perfect!

Use one or a set as a gift. Quick and easy satisfying little project. You’ll have everyone making some. Use these mug rugs at the dinner table. Imagine them scattered against a white tablecloth. They would truly look like scattered autumn leaves rustled in from the porch.

Simple yet timeless little mug rug anyone can make.

maple leaf mug rug quilted

Start off with this maple leaf paper template (available in the free pattern download)

maple leaf mug rug template

Lay down fabric and batting.

maple leaf mug rug fabric and batting

Pin leaf on fabric and stitch around the edge of the leaf.

stitch maple leaf mug rug around template edge

The step by step easy tutorial shows exactly what to do right through to quilting the leaf.

maple leaf mug rug before quilting

Quilting the maple leaf mug rug…

how to quilt a maple leaf mug rug


quilted maple leaf mug rug

 See the full tutorial Here

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