How To Make Super Comfy Fabric Slippers

Make These Super Comfy Fabric Slippers

These  fabric slippers are non-slip and they have a super comfy minky lining. Here’s how to make them non-slip and how to make a sole, along with a free pattern, so you too can get cozy.

Included in the pattern tutorial is how to make rolled fabric flowers for the slippers. The finishing touch!

You’ll need some fabric for the outside and the lining. Minky and 1/4″ elastic, less then a yard (for size 9 feet you’ll need 22 inches -2 pieces each 11″ long- to be exact).

Download the free slipper pattern. You can make them shorter by cutting a bit out of the middle of the sole.

Brief overview of how to make fabric slippers:

Cut fabric minky to template.

how to make fabric slippers


Follow instructions to make outer slipper.

outer slipper


how to make fabric slippers

Make inner

how to make fabric slippers


how to fit inner slipper


fabric slippers free pattern

Download the free slipper template here.

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