How To Use Thangles For Perfect Half Square Triangles In Half The Time

No Need To Measure Or Draw Lines.

Thangles, or the similar ‘Triangles On A Roll’,  for half square triangles saves time, make your blocks crisp, and anyone can use them. If you have a quilt or project needing lots and lots of half square triangles, using half square triangles paper is the fastest and most precise way to create a large number of Hst’s at the same time.


‘Paper Triangles On A Roll’ are paper strips marked with guides for sewing half-square triangles from fabric strips. The papers stabilize the bias seams, resulting in perfectly-joined triangles every time. These little papers are for quilters who are looking for faster, more efficient ways to cut their triangles, and you can make all different sizes. Pin the paper to your fabric strips, sew on the dotted lines and cut on the solid lines. Press and then tear away the paper.

how to use thangles

The Quilting Company
Packs come in all sizes and are very inexpensive to use. For example, the 2 1/2″ ‘Triangles on a Roll’ pack gives you enough to make 700 half square units. Purchasing packs costs less than using up the ink on your printer! The pack tells you what size to cut your fabric to get the finished size, including how to layer strips before stitching, as well as instructions for pinning and stitching.

Sara Gallegos from The Quilting Company explains when using ‘Thangles’, or ‘Triangles On A Roll’, layer two fabrics strips right sides together, with the lighter color piece on top. When you press your thangles apart, you’re going to end up with the seams to the dark side!

Sara says to start by laying the Thangles paper strip on top of the two jelly strips, pinning the paper to the fabric. Working on your cutting mat is a great non slip area. Pin from the center thangle, and work your way out to the ends. Pin so the pins are following parallel to the stitching line.That way the pins won’t be in the way of your presser foot or needle. Continue adding the papers all the way down the length of your strips of fabric, and then you’re ready to stitch. You’ll be stitching on the dashed lines.

Watch Sara’s video showing where to pin, where to sew, and where to cut to finish the half-square triangle units. For how to use Thangles with tips and tricks for best results watch Sara Gallegos video here.

Triangles On A Roll are available for purchase in sizes 1 inch, 1 1/4 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch squares.

3 Inch size Thangles are available from here.


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