Jelly Roll Patchwork Plus Two Spare Squares For A Pillow

Jelly Roll Patchwork Has An Optical Illusion

I’ve been trying to figure out this jelly roll patchwork. The colors in this pattern are warm, with what I think I could call an ombre effect. It must be the strike between the cream/white and the very dark chocolate brown that makes the pattern move.

A jelly roll has 40 strips, so the pattern worked well using 8 each of 5 different colors. The pattern is made up of 48 squares. Squares are 8.5 inches wide. After sewing the strips and cutting the blocks, you’ll end up with 50 blocks. Make a pillow with the extras, or even a table topper!

jelly roll patchwork jelly roll

40 Moda jelly roll strips- divide into colors. Sew sets of strips.

jelly roll patchwork fabric

jelly roll patchwork strips sewn together

Cut squares. Take two squares from different strip sets and sew them right sides together. Place the blocks together so that there is a light strip on top of a dark strip, so the light and dark alternate in the block.

stitch jelly roll patchwork blocStitch and cut diagonal…

cut jelly roll blocks diagonal

Here are the blocks. Lay them out to set up your own pattern. It’s fun changing them around because each time you get a totally different look. It kind of tricks you. We had a lot of fun. Or simply follow the jelly roll patchwork instructions and get the exact effect at the one below. I quite like it. Plus, adding a pillow… great idea.

jelly roll patchwork blocks dark and light

Arrange to get the jelly roll patchwork. Imagine the extra blocks as a table runner. It would be so effective!

jelly roll patchwork with light and dark brown

The finished quilt size for this pattern is 54″ by 68″, including the border and binding. The quilt has had stippling done. It’s really lovely.

Get the full tutorial here. There are quite a few tips worth getting from this pattern tutorial. It opens up more ideas for a jelly roll patchwork.

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