Lap Quilt With Pockets To Keep Hands Warm Or Even Hide Snacks!

Lap Quilt With Pockets To Hug Your Quilt

Lap Quilt with pockets are so handy, and especially keeping hands warm. It feels so snug being able to ‘hug’ a quilt. The pocket is also convenient for tissues and a chapstick, a note pad and pen, or even a small purse. You also get to sneak a few snacks!



Quilts are always warm and snug. The pockets give an elderly person a feeling of being ‘wrapped up’, and the idea of holding the quilt close creates a feeling of security and comfort. Florals are especially a favorite, and the designs are as pleasant as looking at a favorite picture on the wall, or a garden of flowers. These delightful lap quilts create a sense of well being and will brighten anyones day!




The size of the lap quilts displayed are 32″ x 39.5″, with two pockets, one through pocket to keep hands warm and one on top for items to keep close at hand. The pockets are lined in flannel, which is also used for the back of the quilt. Feels snug to slide hands into a soft cozy flannel pocket, soothing and relaxing almost instantly.

lap quilt with pockets and quilt blocks

Make these lap quilts using any fabric or color, and if a gift for someone special, why not let them choose their favorite colors. Add your own appeal by making a star block.  Contrasting blue and white creates a really fresh look, and blue is especially soothing and soft on the eyes.

What a lovely gift! Especially with the extra pouch in front to keep a little something extra. A double sided tissue pouch has room for a chapstick too. Perfect for this sort of pocket. See a free pattern for a double sided tissue pouch here. Make one as an additional little gift along with the quilt. If making a lap quilt for grandma, grandbaby can give the pouch to go with the quilt.

lap quilt with pockets star block

The extra top pocket is the white and pink floral piece shown more clearly in this quilt. The little cubby is on top of the hand pockets with a convenient opening to quickly and easily drop something in without fuss. Then just as easily take back out again.

Charm squares were used for this ‘pretty in pink’ and will delight anyone who loves the textured quilting. Pre cuts help speed up the project, or else cut the squares from a favorite fabric. Make another in different color combo’s for a quick change when one needs washing.

lap quilt with pockets Lovie

Florals are always a favorite. If making one for someone, why not them choose their own fabric. Everyone has a favorite and to be surrounded by favorite flowers will give anyones spirit a lift. These on point blocks are perfect to showcase the prettiest of florals. Soft green is calming, creating the feeling of relaxing in a peaceful quiet garden.

lovie lap quilt with pockets pattern floral

Here is a lap quilt laid out that shows the overview of the design. With basic sewing skills and very little quilting experience, even beginners can make a lap quilt. The choice of fabric is unlimited. These quilts look so pretty in any fabric with so many options to mix and match florals and prints. Then tie up with co-ordinate solid for the inner border. A few left over charms squares would be ideal for the center piece, and not much fabric is required for the border and backing. The finished quilt is 34″ x 41″.

lovie lap quilt with pockets floral fabric

It’s possible to make the lap quilt with extra length like this one made with the most beautiful vase of lillies. With a little sewing and quilting experience the quilt can be made longer by increasing the length of the center panel. An ‘extra length’ finished quilt size works out to around 32.5″ x 48.5,  7 1/2″ longer than the regular size one.

lap quilt with pockets extra length

The Lovie Lap quilt pattern is available for purchase, a hand made pattern with all measurements and full intructions. If a little short of time to make one for a dear friend, there are also lap quilts ready made here.

lap quilt with pockets ready made wheel chair


Lap quilts will be enjoyed for years to come.

If short for time to sew a lap quilt for someone special, purchase a ready made lap quilt with pockets. Click the link provided below where extra length lap quilts are also available.


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