Layer Cakes Make A Delicious Disappearing Four Patch Quilt

Super Quick With Huge Quilt Blocks

Created on a smaller scale, these blocks make up the most exciting designs, and with precuts, it’s all creative fun. 10 inch squares make a super size disappearing four patch for a bright and lush quilt.



Just 2 layer cakes make up this 76″ x 95″ quilt, with the easiest fabric selection, choosing one with colorful prints, and an accent in a solid. 40 prints and 40 solids, 10 inch squares can easily be cut from yardage, and even left overs. Use less squares and make a stunning throw. For the feature quilt, a vintage sheet purchased from a thrift store was used for the backing!

quick quilt with layer cakes

While the pattern is designed to use a serger, it’s just as easy on a sewing machine and 1/4″ presser foot. Sew four squares together, and with the sneaky ruler stacking trick, you’ll be using a 24″ ruler to slice, together with a back-up ruler to measure, and render a generous 20″ block!

Jen Eskridge of Reanna Lily Designs explains how to simplify slicing a layer cake four patch block, by placing the 24 inch ruler 2″ from the center seam, and making the first long vertical cut 2″ to the right of center. Jen explains:

Without moving a thing, lay a smaller back-up ruler 2″ to the left of center. Without moving a thing, lay a smaller back-up ruler 2″ to the left of center. Now, remove the smaller back-up ruler. Now, rotary cut at the exact place your larger ruler is positioned, which is 2″ to the left of center. Without rotating the block, I repeated these steps for the horizontal slice.


easy layer cake quilt pattern

Smaller 5 inch disappearing nine patches are easy, however using layer cakes are just as easy to cut, using Jen’s ruler stacking method. Move patches around to create your own design, or simply swap the rectangle patches, and stitch in rows to construct the prettiest blocks.

A total of twenty 9-patch blocks go together really quick, sewing in a 4-block by 5-block grid. Large squares make beautiful quilting space too!

Jen’s free tutorial is easy enough even for beginners to give this a try.



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