How To Cut A Fat Quarter To Get The Most Out Of It

This Will Help You Plan Your Next Fat Quarter Project.

Hiedi Stock from Missouri Star Quilt Co has this quick tip on what you can do to get the most of out your fat quarters. There are some great options whether it be  2 1/2″ strips or 5″ squares. The “pre-cut” fat quarter, is so versatile, and the perfect size for quick projects, with access to an array of prints without having a warehouse full of fabric!


A true fat quarter is 18″ x 22″, but it’s not the way you would get a quarter yard of fabric cut from the bolt. It’s a half yard of fabric cut in half (on the fold). A fat quarter allows you to see bigger prints better and is an easier size to work with. It’s also that huggable piece of fabric that you just have to have because you love the fabric, even though you don’t have a specific project in mind yet.

ways to cut a fat quarter with no waste

Heidi Stock Missouri Star Quilt Co
However, it is nice to put those pretty prints on display, and there are some great options as to how to cut the fat quarter up, and especially with no or even minimal waste. These diagrams were featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Block Magazine in Jenny’s Classroom. You can find it here.

Have fun planning the next project. You can even take the planner with you when shopping fabric.


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