Free Block Quilt Pattern Four In One – Easy Steps

Four Different Designs With This Free Block Quilt Pattern.

Achieve four different looks from this quilt block pattern video, using a fun and easy straight stitch 5-minute block technique.

Start with 3 strips of fabric, all the same size.

block quilt pattern 3 colors

Then take another strip (should be the strong colour/patterned one), fold that in half, right sides together, and lay it on top of the first strip.

3 tone quilt block pattern

Then take the third strip, which is the lighter color strip, and put it on top, right side down.

quilt block pattern with 3 colors

Then straight stitch down the side, length ways.

quilt block stitches

After you’ve sewn that seam, open up the block. You’ll see the middle piece that was folded in half.

quilt block pocket

Open the middle piece.

quilt block pattern pocket

Tip: For an arched edge , roll the edge of the ‘pocket’ over. Stitch. Forms a beautiful arched effect!

quilt block curved pattern

Start assembling your blocks.

free quilt block patterns

Just look at these designs!

block pattern different designs


free block quilt pattern diamond

Now in the opposite direction.

quilt block pattern designs

And finally, my favorite, pinwheel…

free block quilt pattern windmill

Each quilt design uses different sizes of squares. Then the squares are sewn together to create different versions and styles of beautiful quilts. I found this very inspiring. I love the 5 minutes blocks.Whenever trying a new block, I always do a prototype to check everything out. You can use paper cut to the sizes you’ll be using and not waste any of your fabric.

Watch the easy video tutorial on how to construct the verstaile quilt block.


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