Crisp Woven Star Block Without Pulling Bits Of Paper Out Of Stitches

This Freezer Paper Method Makes a Neat Star.

Precise points and seams that align are the ultimate reward of paper piecing. If you love paper piecing, tearing off the paper foundation and then tediously removing bits of paper from the stitches spoils the joy of making the perfect quilt block.


Escape the tedious and make this crisp woven block using freezer paper as the foundation for paper piecing. Gently press the fabric to the paper with a dry iron and fold along the marked seam line. This becomes the stitching line. There’s no stitching through the paper at all. A pack of 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of Quilters Freezer Paper is printable and the perfect size for printing out pattern templates on an ink jet or regular home printer, available here. The paper folds a neat straight edge. The foundation can be used again at least a dozen times.

quilting fabric star quilt block Paper piecing

To stitch up this stunning 10″ Woven Star block, you will need to make four paper pieced units. However each unit has only 3 seams and you’ll be surprised how quickly the star comes together. Find fabric or scraps that will render pieces from 3 inches and up to 6 inches, but sufficient to repeat same fabrics placement for a particular reason.

Star Quilt Mix of light and dark quilting fabric

The unique block has a star corner and when a number of blocks are sewn together a secondary star emerges! Aqua together with gold, darks and lights is a great combination. This pattern would make a fascinating wall quilt.


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