New And Exciting Strata Star Table Topper To Make

Strata Star Table Toppers For All Seasons And Any Occasion.

These strata star table toppers are so exciting. As you discover a new design, it just spurs you on to make one right away. The design looks incredibly complicated, yet it’s almost too easy. Unlimited fabric options make this a perfect stash buster. Use Batiks, solids, florals… any fabric choice looks simply amazing with these toppers.


If you love water color but have never had the patience to work it out, don’t give up. Fabric strips positioned within the Strata Star using florals create a beautiful water color. Especially effective with Batiks. Use similar fabrics to create this striking design.

strata star water color batiks


Contrasting batiks are especially effective.

Strata Star Constrasting Batiks

It’s fun choosing the fabric for the strips.  Use four, five and even up to seven different fabrics. The size can easily be adjusted. Starting from around a 32″, 34″ and even up to a 45″. The size depends on how wide the strips are which can be 2″ width or more. Deep shades of golds and orange make a rich Strata Star for your autumn table.


Quilting Board

A striking twist topper in Autumn florals! This one measures 37″ x 37″ from point to point. Use it on your table or over the back of a couch.

Spinning Star table top twister

Seen on Etsy

Black and cream is always striking and would also look great as a wall hanging framed with a border.

strata star table topper Moda Little Black Dress

Ebay Strata Star Kit

A bright and fresh summer breeze.

strata star table topper Summer Breeze

A beautiful display in Holiday fabric.

strata star holiday fabric

Seen On Pinterest

Here is a free download of the Strata Star table topper pattern, which is also called Swirling Stars. This design of table topper is often known as Spinning Stars, or even Card Trick. There are also some very good tips in this tutorial that will help towards making sure your Strata is a success, such as using spray starch on the strips to help keep the fabric nice and crisp. When pressing, be sure to press and not iron.

To cut the strips you can use the Fons and Porter Easy Diagonal Sets ruler as shown on the video, so that the patterns match up with the larger triangles. Or turn a square ruler on point, and use tape to easily see markings and cut the right sizes.

Watch this video tutorial. Easy to follow step by step instructions to make the perfect Strata Star table topper.

The Strata star topper offers endless creative projects. Anyone can make one, even beginners!


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