No Need To Shy Away From A Color Wash Table Runner

Create This Easy-To-Piece Color Wash Runner.

Color washing is thought to be time consuming, high risk difficult! And is one of the most effective quilt projects. This color wash table runner is easier than expected and quite addictive. Mixing and matching fabric colors and prints are always fun. The pattern calls for 6 fat quarters to yield a  55″ x 21″ table runner. With skill level easy, have one made in time for the holiday.



A good tip is to start with choosing a half yard of you favorite fabric as the main color theme. Then arrange four shades from light to dark. Use this same pattern using seasonal fabrics. 2 1/2″ strips work well. and the design comes together quickly.



Different color combinations become a work of art. A fun project to play with color and texture.




The color wash table runner pattern is available for purchase.