Orphan Mini Charms For This Easy Zipper Pouch

The Easiest Zipper Pouch Ever.

If there are just two things you love, a flower garden and colorful mini charm squares, then this sweet little project will capture your heart. Here’s a stylish twist on a new pouch to keep your rotary cutter and sewing essentials zipped in nice and snug, but can also be used for all sorts of things.


The zipper method for this pouch is so easy you won’t stop at making one, and if you need a few retreat gifts and have a stock pile of scraps and zippers, whip up some of these pouches. A quilter can never have too many and especially ones as pretty as these scrap busters.


zippered pouch patchwork pattern

An ideal way to use up your scraps, or orphan quilt blocks, or showcase all those pretty fabrics that you have in just the smallest pieces left. Make your own mini charms by saving scraps from jelly rolls.  Choose your favorites for your new pouch and keep your every day quilting tools right at hand.

zipper pouch pattern

Make a luscious bloom using Lori Holts ‘Sew Simple Shapes’. Then a little easy quilting on the flower and patchwork.

sew simple shapes Lori Holt

The secret of this quaint pouch is in the zipper. This has got to be the easiest method I’ve seen!

easy zippered pouch pretty patchwork with flower


zippered pouch quilted

There’s is a delightful free pattern tutorial available.


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