Zipper Pouch: Best Quilting Project Tutorial Around

Zipper Pouch: Easy Quilting Project Anyone Can Master

The quilt as you go method makes all the difference in the making of this zipper pouch. That’s what makes this quilting project the easiest for anyone. Just follow the steps in the quilting project tutorial, you don’t need a pattern at all. As for fabric, simply use some scraps. It’s so quick you can make one on a Saturday afternoon. A zipper pouch for yourself and one for a gift!

The only challenge you might see with a zipper pouch is that you may struggle with the zipper installation.

So I found a second video, Video 2, which is a tutorial on how to install a zipper on a pouch. Easy. So there’s nothing holding you back. So there are 2 videos.

Video 1, The Zipper Pouch: Decide the size pouch you would like. The fabric required should be double that size. The zipper should be a little longer than the length of the intended pouch.

1 x 14″ zipper- can be cut down to fit your pouch. Cut 1″ shorter than your pouch (see how in the video below)
Fabric piece for the lining ( this pattern used a 20″ by  9″ piece)
Fabric Scraps for the outside of the pouch. Strips should be about the length of the lining. Or you could use one solid piece of fabric if you like.
Fusible fleece – the same size as the lining.

-Fuse the fusible fleece to wrong side of your lining fabric with an iron.
– Place random strips of fabric on the batted lining and stitch through all layers. (or solid piece of fabric)
-Trim edges all round.

zipper pouch fabric
– Cut two pieces – length 9″ each.
– Cut zipper end. Stitch a fabric piece on the end. Measure zipper to length of pouch and trim inch shorter than the        length of the pouch. Stitch fabric on the end.
– Stitch the zipper face down onto the pouch fabric, half inch in from each end.
– Place zipper pouch pieces right sides together. Make sure the zipper is open! Stitch pouch together.
– Box the bottom of the zipper pouch by stitching across each corner as shown.

how to box corners of a zipper pouch
-Turn bag right side out. Done!

zipper pouch completed

Video 1. Follow along the video Zipper Pouch here.


Video 2. Now here’s the second video I promised showing you a box zipper pouch, but especially on how to install a zipper. It’s a sightly different style of zipper pouch too, so you get to see both… and both are surprisingly, just as easy! It’s a great beginner project especially for those of you that have never sewn a zipper into any project.

Well there you have a zipper pouch. Mix and match your scraps for all sorts of designs!

Imgs:Youtube:Missouri Star Quilt Company

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