Cat Pyjama Bag To Match The Quilt Using Left Over Quilt Fabric Scraps

Don’t Bag The Fabric Scraps Use Them To Make This Easy Peasy Cat Pyjama Bag.

Never mind the kids, I’m making a cat pajama bag for myself. A great way to solve a forever overstuffed socks drawer. If you love quilty cats, the pajama bag is the perfect addition using left over fabric from a quilt project. These cats are so cute, everyone loves them, even the kids!


The bags have zippered backs to stuff pajama’s in, or any other treasure, and helps free up drawer space. Woolly scarves, winter tights… bulky items that are impossible to keep tidy in a drawer because it’s always too full!


The kids will love these cat bags. Make one with the fabric scraps left over from the quilt, to match. Cats are always a favorite and anything ‘quilty cat’ goes. Teens will love these cats, as well as most cat lovers no matter their age.


For boys, choose tiger fabric, especially if you’ve made an animal print quilt.


The cat measures 15 1/2 ” form the head to the bottom. And full length from head to feet, 24 1/2″ .

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