Handy Purse Organizer To Switch Purses With Everything In One Go

Purse Organizer Make Your Own.

Getting your purse in order has never been easier. When switching purses never leave anything behind since everything is already in place.



The organizer has 13 pockets, 6 mesh, 6 fabric, and one interior zipper pocket. Besides plenty of space it looks really nice with all the pockets and cubby’s. There’s space for everything. Use convenient netting for the side pockets to easily see everything at a glance. Clear soft vinyl instead of netting works just as well.

purse organizer carry all insert

Get your purse in order fast. This handy little insert lays flat and fits even a slim purse. Zippered pocket on the interior keeps small change in easy reach. The sweet little carrier slips easily into any bag, even a laptop case.

insert for a laptop bag

The organizer is a convenient size, as sturdy as a small basket and could even be used as a carry around at home. Make one extra to keep a sewing kit ready to drop into a travel tote when you’re off on a sewing excursion. Makes the nicest gift. Anyone would welcome one of these.

handy insert to change bags easily

Great for beginners, anyone with basic sewing skills can make one.


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