Quilted Gypsy Toolbox What A Handy Tote To Have

Make This Quilted Gypsy Toolbox, Not Just a Pretty Piece

What a nifty idea. A quilters Gypsy toolbox! Just throw everything in and get it back out again just like a handy toolbox… for busy quilters!! Use plain and mix floral fabrics. Use blanket stitch on the edges. Applique flowers and designs on. The creativity is endless. It’s so pretty. You feel like just reaching over and picking it up!

Here are a lot of different finishes and designs for this quilted gypsy toolbox. From florals with blanket stitch around the edges, to appliqued flowers, balls and frills. Not to mention the cutest bird on one of the handles!

If you’ve never tried applique with your quilt projects, this pattern will give you a pretty good idea of how to use it when you’re making the toolbox. Or else use the prettiest floral and striped fabrics and it will look great anyway!


Front view… how cute that flower on the handle.

quilted gypsy toolbox with applique


Take a look at the beautiful applique and embroidery…

quilted gypsy toolbox pattern appliqued



Back Of the toolbox…

gypsy toolbox quilted




This is an overview of the toolbox pattern. It’s the template in the pattern download. It gives you a bit of a look-in of the shape.

quilted gypsy toolbox pattern template



Here is a quilted Gypsy tool box in progress from the free pattern download below… The toolbox initially looks complicated to make, but when you see the stages of progress… each little step… it all starts to makes sense and you can already get an idea of how it will come together.

quilted gypsy toolbox pattern in progress


quilted gypsy toolbox embellished

Kill me now, here’s the free pattern download … it’s in French. However…!  it might mean some copying and pasting, but you can translate the instructions on Google Translate. The pictures are very clear and easy to follow.


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