Make A Pouch With A Pom Pom For Your Sunnies And Readers Too

Sunnies Sunglasses Pouch With A Pom Pom For A Quick Find.

Winter or summer you always have your sunglasses with you. There aren’t many practical glasses pouches around. They’re either too bulky for your purse, or the color is dark making it difficult to find them. If carrying a tote, your sunglasses always seem to burrow their way right into a fold somehow. A bright ‘sunnies’ pouch with a pom pom protects your glasses and looks great. No more rumaging around as the colorful pom pom always pops up.

Use a layer of foam to protect sunglasses. Layering the pouch with a light sponge foam puffs it out and it feels snug in your hand. A few scraps are all that is needed for the body of the purse. Choose trendy bright colors so you can spot the pouch easily.

sunnies pouch with a pom pom

Use a theme fabric. When going off to the beach, have one ready made with seashells print. Go island style and use Heather Ross prints like Underwater Sisters. Use Mendocino’s Swim Class in light blue for a peep lining. Choose sunny prints to go out for a casual coffee alfresco! Even fun snowmen and snowflakes prints for the winter would look great. If toting around with a bag that you’ve made yourself, use left over fabric to make matching sunnies or a readers pouch.

adjustable size sunnies sunglasses case


Some sunglasses have big lenses while others are smaller and have a vey thin light frame. The design comes in two sizes. Make exactly the size you need. The smaller one is also suitable for regular readers, perfect to slip your reading glasses in and out as you need while on a sewing week-end or shopping trip. Besides they look trendy and would be really neat if matched to your tote or sewing basket.

If making the pouch for readers, leave off the ‘sunnies’ monogram altogether, or change the word to something like ‘Peepers’!

pouch for reading glasses

Super super easy to make. You’ll have a stack of these in no time. Make one for friend too. She’ll love you for it!

The Sunnies sunglasses pouch is designed by Melissa from Polka Dot Chair, trendy and fun to make! You will have to give your email address, however it’s worth it for this fun pattern.


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