Eight Blade Fancy Fan Quilted Purse With Flair

Quilted Purse A Stylish Change Up

Based on Fons and Porter nine blade fan quilt pattern, changing the shape and size of the blade a little can create an appealing eight blade fan. Trim the edge of the blade at an angle, add a piece at the end and create an overlaping effect, making the fan look as though it has just been flipped open. Such flair!


While this quilted purse tutorial had no size guides, the picture tutorial provides sufficient to make this cute little fan blade purse. There is a mix of three tutorials to provide a guide to stitching the binding and sewing in the zipper. Basic sewing skills and experience will be of benefit since there are no detailed instructions.



The basic shape is the same. The size can be a matter of choice. Fons and Porter have a tutorial for a nine blade fan, using a template. The size is based on 5 1/2″-wide quilt strips, and there are nine blades. Notice that even with nine blades that size, it doesn’t result in a half round as Handmadiya’s quilted pouch has done. Make a paper template to decide the size and it should come together quite nicely after that.


Start by cutting the blades and ends of blades. Cut 16 , 8 for each side of the purse.


Stitch the ends on each blade. Repeat for all 16 blades.


Right sides together, stitch blades.


Stitch all eight to complete a half circle as shown.


Repeat for the other side. Then stitch together with a fabric strip down the middle as the base. Layer with backing fabric, batting and top.


Measure  and make binding (this shows a different purse, but the technique is the same)



Position binding around the edge ( of the blade purse)


Place and stitch around the edge. Fold over and hand stitch to finish.


Stitch zipper in as shown.





Secure stitch sides of zipper.


Turn right side out



Put a cute charm on the zipper.



See tutorial on the binding.   See tutorial on putting in the zipper.


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