Owl Prints For Your Owl Pot Holders To Warm Your Heart Everytime

Delightful Owl Prints Peep From Pretty Pocket Style Pot Holders.

These fat quarter friendly pot holders become extra ‘owly’ by using colorful print for the inside pocket, creating a fun peeping owl. The criss-cross design forms a pocket in front to protect your hands from the heat, while providing the perfect cozy inside with quaint owls to brighten your day. I love owls. They’re almost huggable! Their faces instantly warm your heart saying “You haven’t forgotten how to hug, you’re just out of practice”.


buy owl print for owl pot holders

For the wings that form the cross over pockets, use bright colors to play up the eyes. Owls create a homely feel and their big enquiring eyes are heartwarming and friendly. Use feathery looking print. Owls are always ruffling their plumes. Edging with a solid makes the owl look a little puffed out. The peeping prints create their cute personality and you get to hug them by slipping your hands in every time!

The pot holders are lined with insul brite, each pot holder uses 2 fat quarters and finish at around 10″ x 8″. It is always fun to make and give something cute, and these owls are a perfect accent or housewarming gift.

owl pot holder with pockets

The owl potholder pattern is available for purchase and will provide many fun gifts, including making a set of your own.


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