Shabby Strawberry And A Tulip Chain Quilt For Your Table

Strawberry Prints, Birds and Cherries When Your Kitchen Needs A Lift.

If you love a chain quilt, and your heart melts over shabby strawberry and bird prints, this Tulip Chain will give your mornings a fresh start. Your kitchen lacks a little color make a new quilt for your kitchen table. It’s refreshing to walk into a room and there’s a pretty new quilt to welcome you. It makes all the difference to your day.


Penny Rose fabrics were used for this project. The design is super easy to follow and fabric choice is really simple. The top consists of three colors in the pattern, light pink, dark pink, and ‘Blue Tulip’ with a vintage white solid for the background. Use the fabric line suggested or choose your own colors. Start with what you have in your stash to inspire you. Green plaid was swapped for Blue Tulip in this quilt, with delicious Shabby strawberry backing.

chain quilt penny rose fabric


Vintage white background is soft on the eye and enhances the beauty of the chain, with shabby striped strawberry for the backing. Pink and green suit any season and are great colors that fit in with most decor.
Shabby Strawberry striped available here.

Penny Rose Shabby Strawberry striped


If choosing to replace Blue Tulip with green plaid, the ‘petals’ are just as nice in red to showcase the flower. The block size is 20″ x 20″. The beauty of the single block alone is overwhelming. Big and bold, one block could easily make a stunning table topper. Beautiful on a porch table.

Penny Rose fabric birds and cherries


The finished size of the quilt is 40″ x 40″ and displays flour dazzling tulip blocks. Treat yourself to the Tulip Chain kitchen makeover, or anywhere in your home with a bouquet of tulips.

Kitchen table quilt Penny Rose fabrics

Tulip Chain was designed by Sharon of Daisy Cottage Quilting who chose to make up the project using plaid green and red. The pattern download shows the quilt in pinks, blues and vintage white. It’s a great guide to get an idea of both.