Picture Frames for Quilt Projects So You Can Skip The Binding

Use Picture Frames For Quilt Projects Put Your Beautiful Quilts On Display

Display a quilt block for all to see. Using picture frames for quilt projects also include things such as a Maple leaf mug rug. They’re quaint little mug rugs made with autumn color prints and while practical, could also be beautifully displayed sort of scattered, in a picture frame. Here are some suggestions when preparing to display your quilt projects in picture frames.

  • Add a 2″-wide border to the pieced top. It’s not necessary to match the border to the quilt top since the border will be pulled and pinned to the back of an acid-free board prior to framing.
    spacer 10px deep
  • Layer the quilt top with batting and backing; then quilt as desired, leaving the 2″-wide outer border unquilted. Once the quilting is complete, fold the outer border toward the center of the quilt and carefully trim the backing and batting ¼” inside the quilt-top edge. No need to bind your quilt at all.
    spacer 10px deep
  • Lay the frame front side down on a table. Lay the quilt over the frame, ensuring the quilt is straight. Add the back of the frame and slide the frame clips in place. You may choose to finish your framed quilt with a glass front. Glare free glass is better but it will cost a little more.

Picture Frames for Quilt Projects put quilts on display


Imagine a quilted Maple leaf mug rug in a picture frame.

picture frames for quilt projects such as maple leaf mug rugs

Here are some more beautiful picture frames and quilt framing ideas. This size frame might be suitable for scattered maple leaf mug rugs.

quilt framing small quilt projects


Use weathered picture frames for antique style quilt blocks.

vintage picture frames for quilt projects


Crisp white picture frame to show off this captivating Dresden plate block.

picture frames for quilt projects dresden quilt block


Put a table runner on display for all to admire.

picture frame for quilt projects table runner


A quilt block alone could be a dazzling piece of art.
Here’s a fairly old book dated back from 2002 on quilt framing Doesn’t cost much (around 1c for the paper back) and has a myriad of really good ideas. If you click on the image it will take you to Amazon for more details.

picture frames for quilt projects book

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