Pinwheel Christmas Ornaments So Soft And Inviting

Create a Beautiful Pinwheel Ornament For Your Home Or Christmas Tree.

Pinwheels truly showcase these Christmas ornaments. Create a beautiful pinwheel decoration in an hour using pretty holiday fabric colors. Kids can make these too and can be a part of the Christmas holiday. The design looks complicated but is surprisingly easy. Just follow the step by step instructions and in no time, there are the prettiest pinwheel ornaments ready to go up. The quilted design is quite unique and is enhanced using two fabric colors. Use holiday fabric, or choose fabrics for any season of the year.


Each ornament needs ninety 2 1/2″  of fabric, 46 squares of one color, and 44 squares of another color. The two tone fabric colors showcase the pinwheel, and the fabric chosen could tie in with the colors of your tree decorations. Match the ribbon for the perfect finishing touch. The finished ornament is 4″ in diameter. Fabric is folded around a styrofoam disc and pinned.


Make a set of six and pack into an attractive box for a lovely gift that will be used year after year. Choose different color fabrics but with matching tones and texture that will tie the six ornaments together as a set. Find a pretty gift box just the right size to fit the ornaments in side by side. Then cover with soft paper and put the lid on. Wrap up the box and finish the gift wrapping with a big bow. What a lovely surprise to receive the gift and open the box to see what’s inside. There’s nothing to beat a handmade gift and these are just perfect…if you are strong enough to give them away after the set is made. They ‘re one of the prettiest no sew ornaments to make.

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