Prettiest Apron With Cupcake Fabric, Oven Mitts and Pot Holder

Mini Me Apron Set With Cupcake Fabric To Make For A Little Baker

Mini Me Apron bright and inviting made with adorable cupcake fabric will impress any baking lover, and especially the littlest one in the house. Pretty cupcakes becomes even more exciting when matched with black and white polka dot fabric. The apron is the prettiest and to add, a matcing pair of oven mitts. The set can’t be complete without the adorable cupcake pot holders.


While the set is perfect for a mini baker, why not size up the pattern and make one for yourself! The idea is great and will brighten any kitchen. Further to that, if you’re feeling a flamboyant, match up some tea towels by adding a strip of cupcake print, and a strip of black and white polka dot, matching colors to your kitchen decor.

This little apron set is so easy to make taking 3o minutes per item.


The mini me baker in the house would love to dress up ready to help in the litchen with a new cupcake apron on and oven mitt ready. Imagine wearing the same. It would be a delight, and make a great photo shot to be kept forever!


The project requires very little fabric. You may have a little black and white polka dot fabric scraps.

Fabric requirements for the set: (Apron size 2-6)

  • 1/2 yard main fabric
  • 1/2 yard lining fabric
  • 1/4 yard or less of terry fabric (towel fabric)
  • 1 pkg 1/2″ double fold bias tape
  • 1 pkg. 1″ blanket binding

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