A Brides Bouquet Block Is Prettiest In Vintage Thirties Prints

Make A Brides Bouquet Using Thirties Prints Of Fabric Scraps.

If you love vintage quilts, the Brides Bouquet is a combination of vintage modern using thirties reproduction prints. You can re-create this vintage beauty by using reproduction prints, vintage feedsack or fabric from old dresses.


Make just one block using 30’s reproduction prints and make a throw pillow. Most of the fabric pieces are 2 1/2″ squares with the larger pieces being 3 x 23″ cut twice on the diagonal, and 2 x 13″. After seeing the Brides Bouquet used in a throw pillow made by Erin from Why Not Sew,  you might feel inspired to give it a try.

Brides Bouquet throw pillow

Choose your brightest color scraps, just as it was done in the thirties. Back then every piece of scrap came out, including left overs from cut up aprons and feedsack bags from chicken feed. The largest piece required is a solid for the ‘vases’ in the blocks. The free brides Bouquet wall quilt pattern features five bouquets.

This full quilt was hand quilted by the piece, and a pretty flower motif was quilted in the wide sashes an also in the border.

Brides Bouquet quilt Granny's Quilts Darlene Zimmerman


1930’s quilts were made at a time when everyone conserved precious resources. The style of quilt is still loved today. Give at least one 30’s traditional block a try. The full quilt is one of the patterns from Darlene Zimmerman’s book ‘Granny’s Quilts’. The book contains block patterns and instructions to make 19 different quilts from start to finish including the Brides Bouquet, and is for quilters of all levels.

Every quilter should try at least one Brides Bouquet!

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