Quilted Fabric Basket All You Need Is Pretty Fabric

Sweet Quilted Fabric Basket Thread Catcher, Treats, Or Anything You Like.

This fabric basket is so simple, and so easy to make. Sometimes less is more. The basket itself is quite plain. All you need is the prettiest fabric and within an hour, you have a quaint basket. The basket is a delightful threadcatcher, although it’s suitable for almost anything you can think of. Use the fabric to match the need. I can see these baskets in holiday fabric too and use to add to your Christmas treats table. Line with vinyl and use for pot plants. The strawberry fabric is very pretty for the kitchen.

Since the main structure of the basket is plain, this leaves room for adding embellishments. There’s no limit to what you can build this fabric basket into with some fun creativity. Even if you have no specific need, it’s always nice to have something new around the home.


Wrap a quilty gift then give the gift in the basket. I was thinking of putting the wrapped gift in the basket, then wrapping the basket with clear cellophane, the crackly wrap used by florists for bouquets of flowers. Then once the basket is wrapped, tie with pretty gift ribbon and make a bow with curly ends!

I should imagine the basket would be most loved. It’s so handy, especially for a quilter or sewer. If I was receiving the basket as a gift, I would be delighted if the basket was filled with sewing accessories like wonder clips, and such.


This has got to be the easiest fabric bin I’ve seen. All you need is a 13″ x 10″ piece of fabric of your choice, for the outer shell. And one 14″ x 10″ piece of fabric for the lining. The clever part is that the lining will also be the binding for the top edge. So easy.



To keep the basket nice and sturdy you’ll need one 15″ x 12″ foam stabilizer. The foam stabilizer is better than the batting as the batting is not as firm. To do the job, it would be really helpful to have some of those Wonder Clips.


Laura used diamond quilting for the body of the basket. The diamond quilting is easy and straight forward, and very pretty.


Laura from Kittens and Threads shared this delightful tutorial.