Pretty Quilted Fabric Baskets Start Packing In Your Favorite Stash

Fabric Baskets Are Just Right For Fat Quarters.

Plastic storage boxes are just not the the prettiest to store your favorite stash. These baskets fit 5″ x 5″ folded fabrics, making them perfect to store fat quarters as well as other fabric. Sew some of these quilted baskets using up scraps. Make one in every color! In no time you’ll have a row of baskets with easy access to your fabrics.



The plain ones can be made in 20 minutes, and with a little quilting, 2 to 3 hours. Use this simple pattern and make a myriad of different baskets. Use selvage edges or embroider some words right above the fabric strips. Quilt a design, or quilt following the pattern of the print. You’ll be surprised how quick the baskets finish up. No matter which way you display them, they’re pretty all round. There are often usable selvage edges with designer fabric names found in these fun Moda scrap bags.

fabric baskets with embroidered edge

fabric basket to store fat quarters

Spend a little more time making up this delightful half Dresden. Using the template provided in the free pattern sheet, cut 20 wedges from your choice of fabrics. Make the Dresden blades, then lay out ten of those wedges and arrange them together until you like the color combination. Sew the wedges together to create your half Dresden plate, then pin the Dresden to your basket pieces. Stitch the Dresden to the basket using your favorite applique, or a closed zig zag stitch. Then quilt to your hearts delight before finishing up your basket.

half Dresden plate

Dresden plate fabric basket

Grete suggests sorting fabrics into three categories. Start with basics that you always need, which are colors to add that unite almost any project. Next, your collection of fabrics that you like and love, and ones you will use in most quilts, such mini’s, pot holders and placemats. Then there’s your very special collection where you’ll keep every last little scrap to use. Sort, then fold fabrics 5″ x 5″, and tuck in each one.

fabric baskets quilted

Get the free pattern sheet here.


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