Stars And Chain Throw Sure To Get A Second Glance

Charming Stars And Chain Throw Make This A Feature Quilt

Chain quilts are most beautiful at best. Then to go further and wrap the most beautiful star block in chain sashing. To add dizzy heights embellish the chain with rings of flowers. This irish chain throw would look amazing in any color. The amazing use of dark berry against a cream white background creates a rich color tone throughout this quilt. A perfect balance to add moss green.

chain quilt with roseberry fabric

This Stars and Chain quilt pattern released in 2011 is still one to be admired even five years later. A quilt that could become a keepsake for it’s beauty. While the combination of stars and chain may make this quilt look difficult, the pattern explains the blocks step by step. Here is an overview of the quilt assembly. The pattern shows the blocks even more clearly.

quilt assembly stars and chain quilt

Huge 16″ blocks used in a set of four make this a stunning wall quilt. To convert to a throw simply double the number of blocks.

stars and chain quilt pattern for wall quilt

For the border sew together 13 border Flying Geese units and two tan tone-on-tone 21⁄2″ squares to make a long outer border strip. Repeat to make a second long outer border strip. Bind with red print binding strips.

chain quilt with flying geese border

This charming Stars and Chain throw could easily become the feature piece of the room. There is a free pattern for a wall quilt size available. Size up to a throw quilt easily by simply doubling the pattern.

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