Perfect Quilted Ornaments – A Patchwork Star

Patchworks Star Quilted Ornaments Quick To Make, Easy To Give.

What a good idea to use vintage buttons on these patchwork star quilted ornaments. I am also an embellishment collector and I just rub my hands in glee at the thought of being able to use some from my special collection buttons and embellishments on something like these quilted stars. To top it, what perfect one of a kind gifts.

While there are a lot of quilted ornament patterns around, I went for this one, firstly, because I like the patchwork idea. Take a look at how you can use the template to capture exactly the piece of the fabric that you want to use.

fabric for quilted ornaments

patchwork star template for quilted ornament

christmas fabric ornanaments

Imagine if you had a piece of fabric that had a message on like, Merry Christmas, or even the persons name… ! Put the template over the message and use it as one of the patches on the star ornament.

patchwork ornament with name

Have you ever noticed how you are drawn to a certain part of a piece of fabric. A particular flower or shading. That’s what caught my eye with this pattern. Take the template and choose the parts of the fabric that you love. Put it together in a patchwork star.

patchwork star pattern

Then, to make it even more special, give it to someone special for a gift.

These are quick and easy to make, not to mention fun! Once the pieces are cut, chain sew them. Great fillers and quick last minute gifts. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t use them year after year.

They don’t even look scrappy. Yet you can make them with scraps of fabric. Then the final touch with glee, add your button or embellishment.

Watch this video. It shows you exactly how to make these beautiful quilted patchwork stars.

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