Quilts For Men And For Their Man Cave

Men Are Sure To Love These Quilts.

Although they’re not likely to show it, men love to be warm and snuggly, but hardly under a quilt of tulips or sweet bunnies. More likely browns and neutrals with bold robust blocks of squares and rectangles. Civil war reproduction prints are great, and you can take almost any quilt pattern and make it in typical masculine colors, but a bit of style that is totally masculine… and your man will love it!


Make a personalized quilt by using a print that has something to do with what he loves doing, for example, this Tracks Along The Trail quilt. A cosy quilt for the outdoor enthusiast, where the fabrics feature bears, moose and woodsy design, or if you’re comfortable with flannel this Northen Woods Moose and Elk is scrumptious! For younger boys use baseball prints or fabric related to a sport he is interested in.

quilts for men outdoor and woodsy

This Bonneville quilt can be made with earthy tone batiks, but for a younger guy who’s just moving into his own apartment, bright and trendy colors such as Nike blue and white, with a red accent might be welcome. However, animal fabrics are also well loved.

quilts for men animal fabric

You don’t have to be a man to love this One Block Star, although it really does have a masculine feel. Big block quilts like this one you can cut and sew in an afternoon. Flannel is used for this cozy quilt, or make it with your favorite fabrics, perfect for wrapping up in on a cold winter day. It’s soft and bold at the same time, without being feminine, and warm and inviting in a style for all seasons. He’ll love that you that you created a quilt just for him.

quilts for men in flannel

This free pattern eBook comes complete with everything you need to learn how to quilt each of the men quilt patterns. The pattern book includes the Bonneville Mens Quilt, Tracks Along the Trail quilt, and The One Block Star! (You will be asked for your email address for the pattern book, however there is no charge at all)!


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