Make This Easy Non Slip Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Pad And Rest Easy

Stop a Foot Pedal Slipping Away On Wooden Floors, Tiles And Carpet Too

Make yourself a sewing machine foot pedal pad, choosing bright colors to match your sewing room! Resting your foot while you’re sewing will help relax your back. With the help of the non slip you can ‘rest’ your foot on the sewing machine pedal, instead of trying to steady it as it threatens to slip away.


Once you get the soft feel of this non slip pad you’ll never be without it again. The foot pedal may be a little plain is some eyes but with pretty fabric it could be really lovely. Have some fun and add some bows or embellishments to match your sewing room decor.

non slip sewing machine foot pedal pad easy pattern

To help prevent the foot pad from slipping a layer of non slip grip liner is sewn into the design. The entire pad uses less than a fat quarter, or put together colorful fabric scraps. Start out by measuring your foot pedal and decide on how big you want your mat to be. The bigger you make it, the more grip it will have.

non slip liner for foot pedal pad

Put on the binding, following the easy tutorial.

non slip sewing machine foot pedal pad binding

A roll with a layer of  batting inside which is to be attached to the foot pedal pad.

non slip sewing machine foot pedal pad attach roll


pattern for non slip sewing machine foot pedal pad

Done! Zoom zoom… ready to go!

pattern for non slip sewing machine foot pedal pad size

If you would like something a little more fun, stitch up this one in the shape of an over-sized flip flop! The full-size pattern of the flip flop will fit a pedal up to 6″ wide. If your foot pedal is larger, sizing is easily adjusted. However there is a small fee for the flip flop foot pedal pad.

sewing pedal pad flip flop sandal


Whichever one you choose,theses easy foot pedal pads can be stitched up with fabric scraps, and left over batting. Stitch one up to match the sewing room. They make a sweet gift too, especially prettied up with a little embellishment!

The Flip flop pedal pad is available for purchase


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