Sandcastles Little Charmer Table Runner For All Seasons

Use Seasonal Charms For Your New Table Decor

This table runner charms with colorful tropical beauty and will complement any island-style or summer tabletop collection. The runner is a breeze to make and the playful prints will delight your guests. If you’ve had a bit of a jump start on thinking about what you want to do for autumn, this design is perfect for paying a little closer attention to the changing seasons, and wanting to celebrate all the ones you’ve been ignoring. Then you’ll just need some charms from your favorite fabric line to get started.


Charm Square table runner Little Charmer5


Charm squares are available in 5″ squares from almost every print in the fabric line. If you buy a charm back, you get a little something of the entire line as well as helping with color coordination. While using pre cuts saves heaps on cutting time, cut 5″ squares from the scrap basket and build your own creative collection.

tropical charm square table runner

Next, a quick home decor change. Add pattern and drama with autumn shades. Turn your Sandcastle runner into a warm color delight using rich berry, fig and plum.

gypsy Rose Fig Tree Quilts charm square

This ‘Little Charmer’ table runner is my first nod to bringing in a little of the new season and will pair beautifully with almost any table décor in your home. The design is just one of a set of three from Heather Mulder Petersens Little Charmers 5, and is available for purchase.


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