Sew On The Go Bag And Have Everything Nicely In Place

With Enough Room To Carry Your Project With You

If you could just have a little more time for sewing. It’s hard to tear yourself away from a project you’re working on, and especially if it needs just a little finishing off. If it’s hand stitching and the project is small, take it with you wherever you go. Stitch up this handy bag for yourself, that has a couple of pockets for accessories and even enough room for a small quilt ruler!



It’s a good lap size and just right to carry about without being too bulky, yet is spacious enough to fit scissors, thread, needle, tape measure, a small quilt ruler and the fabric piece you’re working. The zippered pocket at the front folds out and provides a soft flat tray to work on, with a handy ribbon to secure cottons and a small scissors.

sewing bag fold down front pocket

Use clear vinyl for the middle pocket and spot exactly what you’re looking for without digging around or having to throw everything out. Just right to slip hexies in without crunching them up, and you can see straight up which ones you’re wanting to work on.

sewing bag with pocket flap for scissors

When you’re done, fold the flap back up and zipper close nice and neat. The clear vinyl is very easy to work with and is an inexpensive addition for such a handy pocket. Edge the vinyl with matching fabric for a clean finish. The fabric edge provides a nice grip for your quilting clips too. Add a flower button for extra personality.

sewing bag with fold down pocket

Charming in vintage print, florals as well as bright prints like the Miss Kate fabric line used in this pretty bag. Any fabric bright and breezy looks great!

sewing tote pattern

If you don’t have vinyl in your stash, a piece of clear shower curtain does just as well. The remainder of the bag can be made up totally scrappy to become the perfect mini sewing tote!


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