One Hour Jelly Roll Strips Friendship Tote

Make This Simple Tote For Friends Using A Couple Of Jelly Strips.

This fully lined Friendship Tote is made totally from scraps. Practical and looks great too, any quilter would love one of these. It’s fun and easy to make and if you love tote bags this is perfect for you to use up all of your random scraps and left over jelly roll strips. Instructions are so easy in a simple step by step follow along and you can easily make it larger if you like.

This pretty little tote is perfect for a quilty friend. Make one up in an hour. A quick gift to put together that will brighten anyones day. You’ll be needing fabric strips 2 1/2″ x 5″ strips which can easily be cut from scraps, or choose your favorites from a jelly roll. 16 strips needed, 2 each of 8 different prints. For the bottom of the tote 8 1/2″ x 5″.

jelly roll tote

A perfect scrap buster, you could make up a stack of these in no time. Go totally scrappy with a mix up of prints. If you have some solids in your scraps use those too. Use bright medium print florals and alternate with a solid. Polka dots would be fun with a coordinating solid between.

jelly roll Friendship tote and fabric basket

Leave off the handles and you have a catch all to put right at your sewing machine. Make the basket a little larger to have an extra one to throw in fabric scraps. A nice little set at your sewing table. It’s fun to look into the basket and spot strips and scraps that can be used for projects coming up.

Friendship tote made from jelly roll strips

The corners are boxed and the tote and basket stand nice and sturdy. A perfect gift for a quilter and just the right size to throw in two charm packs. How about putting in a jelly roll because she’ll be so delighted with her cute bag, she is going to ask you for the link to this tutorial to also make a Friendship Bag.

jelly Roll Friendship Tote tutorial

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