Caddy Pad Hot Iron Carrier Ironing Mat Is Really Neat

More Than Just A Caddy Pad Hot Iron Carrier Ironing Mat.

The pattern for this Caddy Pad Hot Iron Carrier Ironing Mat is super cute. First up it’s designed primarily as a tote to wrap a hot iron. No need to wait for the iron to cool down at all. Simply wrap up the iron and go.Sized for a full size iron. It also doubles as an ironing mat. Two buttons open quickly to a 19 1/2″ x 25 1/2″ pressing pad. Besides it looks great!

Here are some other ideas that I just loved, and all from the same pattern! Try making this pattern with a towel for the lining. Packing it up for a lunch bag that comes with its’ own placemat, or, make it in playful fabrics for an on-the-go car carrier, or to-go tea set!

How about lining it with red and white gingham check and it opens up to be your place mat!

Or, applique roads inside the Caddy Pad and filled the tote with little cars for your kids play corner. Make it out of little girl fabric and fill with tiny dolls.

Make a checkerboard on the lining and fill it with checker pieces. The list goes on. You could make up stacks of different things with this idea.

This is the junior but designed to take a full sized iron.
Caddy Pad Hot Iron Carrier Ironing Mat juniorand when you open it up…
Caddy Pad Hot Iron Carrie Ironing Mat openHow cute is the roads pad…
Caddy Pad Hot Iron Carrier Ironing Mat kids play matOr even a dolls tote. Choose pretty fabric and fill with tiny dolls!
Caddy Pad Hot Iron Carrier Ironing Mat dolls toteThe pattern is available for purchase however please note that you have to draft the pattern yourself using their instructions. It sells for around $17 and you might feel a little let down having to draft the pattern after that. However if you’re ok with that the Caddy Pad Iron Tote Pattern is really neat.

The pattern comes with heat resistant fabric to make one Caddy Pad.

This video shows you the completed Caddy Pad Tote Iron. You’ll get a look at the finished product and how it folds up.

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